Quotes On Keep Smiling

 Smile is the best answer of every worst problems and here you will find Quotes on smile that will surely made your day positive and energetic hope you will love it...

Quotes On Keep Smiling

Quotes On Keep Smiling

Quotes On Keep Smiling

Let the camera capture best of you...!

One day, EVERYTHING will be ALRIGHT,

Just don't GIVE UP, and KEEP SMILING..! 

Don't trust, Don't get hurt,Live your life,Live your smile.....

A genuine, effortless smile is the ultimate seduction..!


The feeling of healing. after seeing your Smile. 

Behind his fake smile There was an untold story...! 

Smile, not to mask sadness But to radiate warm gladness..!

SMILE can reduce journey of a mile...!

Smile is one of the priceless gift you can give it to someone...! 

Quotes on smile for instagram

Quotes on smile for instagram

Those who have lost everything, can atleast afford to smile..!

Carry kindness with smile wherever you go, your world will change sure..! 

Smile on your face, can make someone's day...! 


Because it is the most beautiful thing...Which you can distribute freely... 

The Only Physical gesture we can hear...

Is The Smile..!! 

SMILE...it is the Best Filter you have! 

Giving someone happiness is biggest achievement.

Make yourself a source of positivity by smiling everytime.


Love Smile Quotes 

Love Smile Quotes

There lies a life between 'Smiling' and 'Making someone smile'.

Smile And she will smile back at you, with some added love. 


Her silence was unbearable Her calm face was dangerous There was a volcano within her It's commendable how easily she hid it all with her silence and smile..!

Silent smiles are the result of your heart chosen someone to pass through your brain to remind something very interesting of him or her..!

You ignore me, I will still smile. Smile heals the scars.

My peace of mind her small bewitching eyes and er otherworldly magnetic smile..!

Truth is people with broadest smile have wettest pillow...!

Love is what makes you Smile, Whenever you are worried !

They smiled at each other, And started a new revolution..!!

"Revolution of Love"


 Smile in Pain Quotes

Smile in Pain Quotes

Sometimes its not the anger, But a smile which can deal with your frustrations...!

Unfortunately, smile is like the spider web hanging from the ceiling a little dab of morose wind can take it away.

Sometimes smiles are puzzles which are hard to decipher..!

Look at the rose It smiles so beautifully Even with thorns And it tells us To smile Even if there is pain..!

Your Smile Is Password Of My HEART.

Well smile...Atleast this is in your hand...!

Smile is the best accessory a person can ever wear..! 

The Most Powerful thing In this world,

Has to be your name,

It makes me smile despite all my trouble...

Your Smile is Hiding Something,

Something Sad, But I will Fix It,

No Matter What !!

"Which 3 words do you like the most rather than 1 Love You?"

"Your Smile Heals" 

Caption on smile for instagram

Caption on smile for instagram

The best gift- to do something good for your parents The best return gift - their smile. 


I Wish There Comes A Time When No One Need Reason To SMILE and to SPREAD SMILE..!

In my pain, Your smile is my only medicine..!

Want to answer back a rival? Just smile. It kills them from within. 

When you look at Your watch or clock Smile and be thankful To God That you are alive And still living..!


Don't hide smile because may be one some searching it from long time.

Today is your day Enjoy every second, Make some more smile And someone's day.

People say " my face is a mirror" Why they see me always smiling.. 

positive quotes on smile

positive quotes on smile

You know you are good, when someone tells you that you are the only reason for their smile..!

Keep all your agonies Away a mile, Your sweet smile Should be longer than a Nile...

It may look selfish, but I wanted to be the only reason, Behind all your smiles and laughs..!

gives her a reason to smile everyday..!

I dream of a world where charity is love, smile & happiness..!

What story to say of exuding pain hidden beneath this smile, I Find solace when this smile hurts you..!

Every time I see you, I smile...! 

I'm smiling. Cause I practiced it a lot.

If I could, I would replace MOON with Your beautiful SMILE..! 

Beautiful smile quotes

Beautiful smile quotes

Her smile is like sunshine, which fills my hearts with love..!

Your Smile: A notification of my Achievement

The only word that made their eyes wet.

Smile in the storm because After some time it will pass..!

Smile, raise your head and move on. Don't keep yourself from committing another beautiful mistake..!

It wasn't your attitude but ur mature smile that killed me in first sight..!

You can smile with positivity, just be confident...

Be like a Photographer in people's life, so that they SMILE whenever they pose for pictures.

She is the reason of my smile And Now, someone else is the reason of her smile..!

 poetry on smile

Sny glances
Stolen smiles
Unspoken words
Burning hearts

Fleeting moments
Crazed minds
Broken words
Aching hearts

Growing distance
Silenced hopes
Empty words
Hurting forever

How can I smile, When you're not here.. 

even by a 'mile'.

How can I smile, When you've not yet..

downloaded my 'file'.

How can I smile, When you haven't.. 

given me a 'trial'.

How can I smile, When you're busy.. 

flowing like the river 'nile'. 

While people were posing with big smiles He saw my sadness from miles

There still are things a camera lens can't see..!

She looked back and smiled,

Well that was the last "Good Bye" from her. 

smile quote short 

smile quote short

Always smile in front of him who tried to break you. More More you smile more he feels inferior..!!

When she smiles The world around me gets happie....

Just to see her smile He didn't show his tears.

All the gifts in the world, is nothing compared to your smile!!

Satisfaction is what I get when i see you smile

Tears are precious, don't let them fall.

Smile is cheap, spread it to all. Memories are treasure, preserve them for long..!

Someday your everything may go away, but you still smile dear..

No one can take it away from you!

And after that day, she became the the only reason for my smile..!!

Your smile is the most affordable gift you can give to someone..!

With every try in her smile, she pretended, she is ok.

With every tear in his eyes, he understood, she was not..!

Every time I read our old chats it brings smile on my face..!

There's something magical about the smile.

So many emotions and just a single upward curve. That's all...!

You may lose the reason to smile but still smile. Don't let those smiling because of you lose theirs..!

My smile always make u smile, your smile never fails to bring smile on my face, don't want to miss these smiles, will you be reason for my lifetime smile.

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