Best Friendship Quotes In English

 Quotes For Friends

Best Friendship Quotes In English

Best Friendship Quotes In English

No matter how awesome you are You are not good enough without your friends

Best Friendship Quotes In English

Sometimes midnight conversation with an old friend heals everything

Best Friendship Quotes In English

Two rails on a railway line are always together But never cross over. Some relationships do the same..!!

Best Friendship Quotes In English

Don't get into a relationship with your close friends, it may risk your friendship.

Best Friendship Quotes In English

Everyone is your friend until you are in your tough time

Best Friendship Quotes In English

Friendship bands are for kids, Maturity is when you don't have to prove your friendship with these lifeless things. Actually real friendship is when you don't even need to prove your friendship.

Best Friendship Quotes In English

Phone call after 5 years of ego. Tears fell. Friendship did not.

Best Friendship Quotes In English

Behind every successful love story there is always a prepared script, by best friend.

Best Friendship Quotes In English

What is a Best friend? A single soul in two bodies.

"Finding friends with the same mental disorder! PRICELESS " 

Friendship isn't a big thing it's a billion little things. 

From, making five friends in a day, To, making one good friend for a lifetime, We all learned the real value of friendship!! 

From nothing to something, From something to a friend, From friend to best friend, From best friend to everything Two best friends portrayed a Beautiful Story 

Flirting is a risky game. One mistake, and you are committed. 

Good friends are like starts. You don't realise but they always with you in your darker night 

Good friends will share the umbrella in rain but Best Friends Will say to you RUN LOSER RUN! 

A true Friend loves at all times.. 

You don't make friends, recognize them. 

Friends Are Shade And Happiness Of Our Lives. I Love My Friends Forever. 

A best friend is someone who tells you the truth even when you don't want to hear it. 

friend has no end. 

True Friend will stand up for you! 

A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you is blesssing  

True friends are always there for you. Fake friends only in your bright time only 

A Friendship without bullying is..... absolutely boring. 

Good Thinks come to those who wait.

Once best friends now strangers with memories.

Friends are connected heart to heart. no one can break them apart.

Fake friends believe in rumors. Real friends believe in you.

Friends are the family you choose

Friends are notes to life's great songs. A melody that carries you along.

No matter how horrible my day is Talking to you for even a minute makes everything perfect seem

Some run your life Some ruin your life One who does both is your Bestfriend

Long walks, Unstoppable talks. They never knew how time passed by.

Best friends will always remain best friends, even when they meet after months. 

We all have someone for whom our heart will never lose feelings ever, And no matter what happens we always want them to be with us.


Nothing is more painful than Seeing your favourite person going down in your chat list. That Really Hurts, Doesn't it??

Came in my life as a friend When you became my everything I don't know....

We don't speak often, But she is my best friend. Connected by hearts and Not by words.

In this busy world With your busy schedule With your responsibilities We can spare some time For BEER with FRIENDS And yes WE CAN

Making A Friend Is An Act Of Grace. Having A Friend Is A Gift. Keeping A Friend Is A Virtue. Being A Friend Is An Honor.....!!!

Friendship never beg -

2. Conversation

Friendship like diabetes Always control me...

We have three types of friends for beautiful life

1.Friends for a reason

2.Friends for a season

3.Friends for a lifetime

Our talks were stupid but Our laugh weren't We may be like two poles In end we attracts to each other My Friend Our thinking may be floppy but Our actions weren't


Finding a good friend, Is just like to find a teardrop in the ocean, Hard to find, but when cherish you have it, you can your whole life for it.

 Your friends are chosen by you, not by fate.

Calmness is that friend which helps you solve every problem of life

Blessing Friends who always let you be there, And don't always want you to be there.


Nobody can roast me better than my friend because they know every secret.

It's not necessary to be in constant touch with people you were once friends with, Sometimes, it's just enough to know that they exist.

Family and friends Should be there to Make you strong again, Not destroy you.

A friend can change your life, if you agree with her/his He/she will give their best to build you as capable personality in you.

A conference call with your school friends makes you relive your school life again and again...

A Strong Friendship Doesn't Need Daily Conversations.

Friendship is meant to accept each other's differences but if the acceptance is only from one side and only criticism from the other, there will definitely be a strain in the relationship!

Initiative is the first step toward friendship

He knew they were BFF when he gave him a slot on the fingerprint reader on his Android.

Friendship is like a Lotion, apply it on your Stress and you will instantly be Relieved....

Two friends became strangers. Their fight ended with ego having more points than sorry!

In a game of Truth & Dare, Two best friends confessed feelings for the same guy. The game ended with the end of their friendship too..!!

Friendship is just like the barter system, where one's sadness is exchanged with other's happiness.

Best Relation Between A Boy And A Girl Is Friendship

The best thing about sharing the bond of true friendship is, nothing changes between you even when life transforms you into a different person.

I unfriended mingled people from my life because they don't deserve my friendship any more.....

Friendship is a teacher who teaches how to maintain one thing for a longer period.

Time doesn't stop, Sky doesn't end. Even if you scold me but You will be my bestfriend.

i might not be your friend, but i can never be your enemy, if i was ever a friend.

It started with a friendship request and ended when they took their last breath.

Her presence wasn't able to make difference in his life But her absence do make it!

Every relationship starts with friendship But don't cross the limits under the heading friendship.

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