2 line love quote

Love is the most beautiful thing in the world...here you can see 2 line love quotes , romantic two line quotes and you can also see 2 line broken heart quotes here.

2 line love quote

2 line love quote

2 line love quote

Love is the Soul's journey In the search of the Soul mate.

I can save you from this world You know I love you the first! 

You are the king of my heart. You are my divine part.

I have a world beyond this world, Where we live together forever

My last wish on this earth; To die in your arms!

The best feeling in this world is love; Love has care, emotions, fights, understanding each others and forgiving their feelings for loved ones.

i need you till my last breath , sweetheart

I can find you, where no one is standing with me, Get you, me where no one is standing with you.

2 line love quote

If you cannot see someone crying, Remember, you are someone.

Feelings are arises from soul Which deeply touched the moments.

Holding my hand he pulled me closer, As we take vowes our wedding completes us forever.

Committing mistake not mistake repeating is mistake Man can commit mistake but fools repeat it as stake.

Didn't know about love at first sight, but accepted the monsters in your eyes, the moment I saw them.

I can't resist your emotions and you can't my emotions. Is it really love my love.

Your love makes me feel like a child, born again only to be happy.

It all started with a friend request And it's going great with love at its best.

2 line love quote

Love is that journey of life, Where happiness is the destination.

Love is like swollen feet after long walks, too tired for a re start yet too scared to switch and get blister marks. 

Love is a real beauty Poetry is a make-up that highlights it. 

The roses, that on my heart rests, are smelling ever sweetest.

The one you love, is not found, and what you get is not loved around.

Immigration immediate imprint in improvement! The rose fallen without thorn but not detached from whole part.


For Pray free escape from mind pain, love sharing others good thoughts of gained for life.

Love Quotes For Couples

Love Quotes For Couples

Your Love is like sun it's always gives depth, light and shine to me.

Don't try looking inside me, I ain't hiding my beauty ,Try looking inside you and then you'll find beauty in me.. 

She is everywhere, yet nowhere He was somewhere, lost in her everywhere. 

His eyes met with mine, My tiresome face again shine!!!

Let me lay my head on your chest and hear your heartbeat Take me to the Moon tonight.

To love me is an opportunity, To be loved by me its reward. 

I trust him over I love him over.

He forgot about love, And became the personification of it. 

Love Quotes For Couples

Love is not that you want have... Love is that you fear to lose...

You said, you are just for me, I just melted in your arms forever.

Love is the sweetest addiction ever, which I really want to get addicted. 

I Am like His Moon ,He Is My Sky

I Love You The Way You Are

He fought for us I promised to be his side forever.

Loved you the day u thought my problems as your own, solved them.

2 line Sad Quotes For Love 

2 line Sad Quotes For Love

Book & bookmark's love affair is what people look up to Yet being together they fail to read amid pages!

In the beginning, it was our eyes that spoke. In the end, it was our eyes that didn't want to. 

Love is a truth and blossoms for few A palette, so stunning, so beautiful and new. 

Into the silence We both are deep and beyond

I fall in love with you You left but you took my heart with you

It is not that I don't love you It is just that I have stopped expressing it.

When She Feels Something Like Pain I Am The One Who Cries..

2 line Sad Quotes For Love

In your love i will be die but you always telling me lie

Hug me like hydrogen and oxygen Be my life like oxygen

You are the one whom I have loved. Wish you come back to my life and we become one forever..

'Love' is in the line initial Second one for 'unconditional' 

The sky is full of stars, He is still gazing at his moon...

2 line Sad Quotes For Love

We both knew but never said a word, Time separated us and left us to regret.

I can find you, where no one is standing with me, Get you, me where no one is standing with you.

His busy eyes met her intoxicating ones, That moment changed their lives forever!


The roses are hard to tear but the roses are dear, No matter how bitterness between us I wants you Oh my dear ..

Our wave length and frequency is inverse, but I'm in peak in love with you 

2 line love shayari in english

2 line love shayari in english

My happy days, are those spent without fears.

I love him from the core of my heart but, God loves him more than I do.

I cried, she smiled and hugged. I smiled at her back and she cried at my back...

For me you are like, an island is for a ship engulfed in an unruly ocean.

The only truth in my life is I love you

Whenever your eyes fell on me Why I felt like your gaze hold me.

Love never changes, simply because it is love.

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